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24/02/2012 - 21:07

I felt very honoured  to see  my 'Aeon Flux' panorama featured within an news article on a Joe Cornish Workshop being run in April 2012, by the wonderful and highly respected Bangwallop photography gallery in Salcombe.



Many thanks to Lorna and Jack for that honour and to the legendary Joe Cornish from whom I learnt a great deal from his excellent style of teaching.

.... here is the article


If you have the opportunity to attend one of Joe's courses it will be thoroughly rewarding and inspiring for sure.


Joe said some nicely encouraging things about my photos that I had created prior to his course


- but things about my photography have evolved since then, they are somehow deeper, more soulful - so some several people who have been following my work have very kindly said...


I know in my heart that things have moved forward and I am constantly challenging myself, being more reflective in my self critique and relishing developing my skills & knowledge ( so much to learn!) ...... but I find it hard to put into words this evolution of  style and vision - maybe I should just let the photos  talk for themselves. Each one I hope portrays some emotions of how I felt about being an observer when I clicked the shutter.


I definitely hope to go back and do another course one day with Joe.


Bangwallop is truly worth a visit if you are down in South Devon - helpful and friendly staff, a great atmosphere, they run great courses, host lectures and exhibitions from 'up & coming' to very well known photographers at the top of their league. Above all Bangwallop are championing the cause of promoting photography as an art form in the UK .... I'll drink to that - cheers!




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