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 I believe that intimate explorations of an area of land, with the medium of photography, can lead to a deeper sense of connection to the environment and that through repeated visits, make us question how often we truly 'see' what surrounds us.


One place that I feel compelled to return to 'time and time again' is a side channel of the River Dart - separated from the main flow by a river island (a.k.a. an eyot or  an ait).


The location is 1/2 mile out of the Dartmoor National Park boundary. Despite its non-moorland status, the channel has such rugged embankments, with minatures falls, rapids, etc - that it could easily be mistaken for being section of the Dart much nearer to it source, cutting through the bedrocks of the high plateau.





This river channel / river island area is for me an ongoing project of exploration I suppose, though it was never conciously planned to be a 'project' of photography



 It is somewhere that I have launched off on many kayaking adventures, to join the main flow of the Dart River.. but on my first visit it struck a chord and has made me feel compelled to visit it many mores times to study its ambience.


The moors, hills and coast nearby woo me easily with their grandeur of form, readily discernable lines/ curves.


This stretch of water and its rocky bed have made me explore the more intimate details, looking for some sense of coherence, harmony or juxtapositions in colour, form, textures and patterns.



Being less obvious than the classical landscape structures it offers me a more meditative approach to my photography, to wade in the waters, to explore many possibilities before placing the tripod into the river itself.

Feeling the pressure and flow of water over my wellington boots adds to the sense of connectivity to this environment in my way of thinking.

The river channel/ river island here is but 70m long and in it are doubtless scores of images to be made in many lighting conditions... this project is in its infancy I feel.


Why do I keep going back and standing in those waters in cold wellington boots in autumn and winter... I wonder?


I don't know the answer to that question... all that I know is I can't not return to explore.



‘I am a part of all that I have met.’

Alfred Lord Tennyson




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