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18/02/2018 - 21:30

Great news to hear news that one of my photography students has recently gained their LRPS status with the Royal Photographic Society....



" Dear Phil,

You may remember one of our joint trips shooting in (usually rainy!) South Devon when we went up to the Haldons on a pretty wet day. I just wanted to let you know that the image I liked most from that day was part of my panel for the RPS Licentiate which I was awarded yesterday. And on the very same day, Amateur Photgrapher came out with a piece on my LRPS process and they featured the same shot.
So, this is by way of a very big ‘thank you’ for getting me out when I thought of myself as solely a fine weather landscape photographer!
Hope all’s well with you and that you’re enjoying your photography as much as ever.
Kind regards,
I say "Bravo Steve! ". A brilliant result for all his hard work and a pleasure to see that lovely Autumnal abstract again from Haldon Heath.
You can see more of Steve's great photographs on his blog 

Steve on one the mentoring workshops he attended -  peering into the depths of Didsworthy Gorge, River Aune, Dartmoor




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