19/12/2015 - 23:57


Sometimes it takes a while for a photograph to appeal in one's mind and to feel its worth showing to others.



Back in april of 2015, I was wandering along one of the plethora of ancient drover's tracks in the South Hams area of Devon. I felt compelled to try and catch the flicker of afterglow, as the sun sank beyond the distant Dartmoor hills, from Glazegate Lane - which skirts the edge of a hanging valley in  above Berry Pomeroy.



The contrast range was massive and a three-stop neutral density graduated filter helped cope with such a large dynamic range. However the lens flare effects were, to me, a bit bothersome. I looked at it again in Decemeber and having not seen the (as yet unpublished) photograph for so long, it's minor flaws had become much less of an issue to me. I had warmed to the image again. The appeal of the light and mood of the scene and the graceful shapes of the land had won me over.




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