Emsworthy Barn

26/09/2012 - 13:50

I was very excited and found it hard to contain my excitement  this week after  receiving an email saying that I had won the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s ‘Winning Landscapes’ photo competition this week – with my ‘Emsworthy Barn’ photo




It was a delight to photograph this charming old barn within the beguiling landscape of Dartmoor - this was my first walk to the barn and I was accompanied by my young son (he was 2 and half at the time, last autumn) ... he already had become fascinated by the moors (or the 'little mountains' as he called any of the hills with a rocky tor on the top) and scrambling on the short slabs of granite at Bonehill Rocks (he wanted to become a rock climber one day, after hearing stories and seeing photos of his mum and dad climbing) so we went there on one day last autumn to explore it together.


  I was inspired by the transient light that morning and set up my camera and tripod, in the hope that at some point the light my shine on both the barn and Greator Rocks in the distance at the same time... we played some games and had some running races along the walled lane that surrounds the barn on one side for quite a while and then for a few fleeting moments the opportunity arose to make my picture – my son said he liked the picture and then said " right let's go climbing now!"


So we packed up the camera gear and were prevented from making a smooth return as a group of Dartmoor ponies were have a prolonged scuffle at the exit of the walled 'lane' around the enclosure that surrounds the barn, so we waited and waited... Ellis did suggest that I quickly ran across the moor with him on my shoulders, 'til I said that I couldn't run as fast as a horse. In the end the ponies got bored of kicking one another and wandered off a fair way round the side of the walls....and just to be sure the ponies didn't add us to their list of entertainment for the day I put my son on shoulders and we ran all the way to the stile by the stream!


 So it was an exciting morning to visit Emsworthy Barn in many respects indeed, and one that my son remembers every time he sees the 'red barn' in the distance now :)


I am very much looking forward to the prize which is a landscape photography workshop day with pro-landscape photographer Lee Pengelly (Silverscene Photography).





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