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Art Exhibition at Buckfast Abbey

1st to 12th August 2013


A selection of some of my framed and unframed (mounted) photographs will be displayed and available for purchase as part of an Exhibition of works of local artists and  a cou[ple of photographers

Last year’s exhibition was viewed by in excess of 4000 visitors, nearly £4000 was raised for their nominated charities.


The Exhibition is organised by the ROTARY CLUB OF ASHBURTON/ BUCKFASTLEIGH


Registered Charity No.  1062456


With the commissions from sold artworks going to nominated charities.

This year, the charities chosen to benefit are Combat Stress; Excellent (Sand Dams); 

Rowcroft Hospice ; Shelterbox and other charities supported by the Rotary Club of  Ashburton/ Buckfastleigh. 



Location:          The medieval Guest Hall of the Abbey.


                              This is situated beside the bookshop opposite  the main door of the Abbey.


                              The public are admitted free.


                              There will also be a computerised display of all art hung available on the ground for access by disabled visitors.




The exhibition will open from

Thursday 1st August to Monday 12th August



(from 10.00am to 4.30pm daily




11.30am to 4.00pm on Sundays). 


             Photos that will be available to purchase:



            Framed photographs....

'Storm clearing at The Plains'



"Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation."


James Turrell



Transient light from a retreating storm bathes the wetlands of The Plains, beside the tidal River Dart, in Totnes - during the ‘golden hour’ of a summer evening.


Behind the meadows are the Church of St John the Evangelist and the tall old townhouses of Bridgetown. Dating from 1832, the church was built by the eleventh Duke of Somerset for the tenants of his estate and was a chapel of ease to Berry Pomeroy.


The tidal water meadow / marshland on which the cattle graze is a remnant of The Plains – much of which was drained to build houses.


*Limited edition  - No.1 of 10 prints


* Issue #1 signed & mounted and is in a bespoke Solid Oak frame at £175

(Image size 35 x 11.4" in a 39 x 15.4" frame)



Panorama made from 4 images in left to right 'planar motion' sections (landscape format).







Golden hour transient light grazing the slopes below the summit of Sharpitor – side-lit through an approaching storm front moving across the western edge of Dartmoor National Park.


21 inch x 11 inch mounted Giclee Fine Art print  - mounted in  a 25” x 15 “ bespoke oak frame £120





‘æon flux’



Post-sunset afterglow at Wembury Bay – looking towards the island known as the Mewstone – in the South Hams area of Devon, UK.


23 inch x 10 inch Limited Edition (No. 3 of 100) mounted Giclee Fine Art print - mounted in a 27” x 14 “ bespoke oak frame - £150



'That bridge between my world and theirs'



Transient sunlight dapples the riverbanks in places, as the slowly drifting waters of

the River Tavy pass beneath Denham Bridge on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.


18 x 8.4 inch Panoramic Giclee print  in a 22 x 12.4 inch mount + bespoke Oak frame  - £85

* No. 1 of a Limited Edition of 25 prints






'Into the Void'





Looking down from Lydia Bridge to the tumbling waters of the River Avon (or Aune), as they descend into a Grade 4+ slot-canyon on the fringes of Dartmoor National Park.


18 x 12" Giclee Fine Art print - mounted in  a 22 x 16” bespoke oak frame



* This framed copy was sold on 4th August at the Buckfast Abbey exhibition – further copies of this fine art Giclee print are available to order here






Mounted (not framed) prints available...





'Emsworthy Barn'


The Red Barn at Emsworthy with Greator Rocks in the distance on an autumnal morning.


*This photograph won 1st Prize in the Dartmoor National Park Authority's 'Winning Landscapes' photography competition in 2012


18 x 12 inch Fine Art Giclee Print in a 22 x 16 inch mount - £65








Deep in a wooded coombe (hanging valley) on southern Dartmoor are the twin cascades of Venford Falls.

18 x 14.7" Giclee Fine Art print - £65








Verdant spring leaves dance slowly in the breeze, as golden hour light filters down into the clearing below the Yealm Gorge - deep in an ancient wood, on Dartmoor.


18 x 12 inch mounted Fine Art Giclee Print  - £65






Returning afternoon sunlight at Start Point (Devon) - as squalls beneath huge Cumulo Nimbus clouds retreat to the east.

Start Point is a promontory in the South Hams district in Devon, England, grid reference SX832370. Close to the most southerly point in the county, it marks the southern limit of Start Bay, which extends northwards to the estuary of the River Dart.


17 x 14 inch Fine Art Giclee Print in a 21 x 18 inch mount - £65



'The Beckoning'




Deep in the Didworthy Bottom woodlands - way, way beyond the footpaths, the mighty waters of the River Avon find their way down falls and rapids on the approach to the narrows of a 'Grade 5+' section of the lower Avon Gorge.

No tracks lead to this point through the dense woodland - by foot or by kayak it summons and one finds a way to get there...

This section of the river lies downstream of Shipley Bridge.

The river is known locally as The Aune. It rises in the southern half of Dartmoor National Park in an area of bog to the west of Ryder’s Hill. After leaving the moor it passes through South Brent and then Avonwick towards Aveton Gifford and flows into the English Channel at Bigbury on Sea.

The name Avon comes from the Old Brythonic (proto-Celtic) term ‘abona’ which means river.


* No. 1 of  a Limited Edition of 40 Giclee Fine Art prints - 12 x12" image size in a 16 x 16" mount -  £55



'Thrift & Trefoil'


Transient light on the wild Sea Thrift and Common Bird's-foot Trefoil flowers at Tintagel Haven in Cornwall.


16 x 12" Giclee Fine Art print in a 20 x 16" mount






A great opportunity for you to see these images as Fine Art Giclee Prints on luxurious cotton-rag paper, full of rich colour tones and stunning detail.



These exceptional quality prints will last a lifetime and would look stunning on the walls of your home or business - at the same time each sale will help fund the work of some excellent charities.



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