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05/03/2014 - 12:33



The Gariz XS-FS2 Floating Wrist Strap was designed for keeping your waterproof camera float while photographing in the water.








  • High Visibility outer band
  • Adjustable Stopper –to ensure close fit
  • Great flotation / buoyancy
  • Detachable lanyard – ideal if you are out of the water for a while and want to lose the weight of the camera itself


Ideal for:


  • Waterproof Digital Compact Cameras
  • Compact Cameras with Dive Housings



Gariz XS-FS2 Floating Wrist Strap is designed for comfortable photography in the water. Its excellent buoyancy means that it floats onto the surface of the water so that you can easily discover the camera in case of losing it - due to the high visibility neon orange of the outer band of the strap.


For the purposes of this review, the strap was tested with two different waterproof cameras.


The first was a Canon PowerShot A570 IS + Canon Waterproof WP-DC12, this has some natural buoyancy, so whilst the flotation properties of the strap are not necessarily warranted, the strap in this instance offers the bonus of its high visibility.




The high visibility is still a very worthy feature for anyone involved in photographing from within moving water, be that:


  • a canoeist on a whitewater river trip


  • on a surf kayaking session


  • photographing friends or family learning to surf in the shorebreak


  • photographing surfers whilst out in the breaks further from the shore


Even smallish breaking waves close to the shore, can have the potential power to make any strap slide off due to the drag of the camera itself through turbulence in the water, so having a floating & brightly coloured band would make it much easier to find the camera if it comes lose.


*In big surf/ turbulent whitewater, I may consider attaching a small accesory karabiner between the loops formed between the quick-release clip, as I am not sure what force would be needed to prize the clip open.



The next camera I tested the Gariz strap on was an Olympus Tough TG-310.




This camera has no inherent buoyancy, as is the situation with most waterproof compacts, so here the buoyancy offered by the Gariz strap is an immense advantage, on top of the benefits of the high visibility band mentioned above. This camera weighs 155 g and if dropped in the water (without any floatation support) will quickly disappear to the river/ sea bed, the Gariz strap thankfully offers reassuring buoyancy to this camera.




Final thoughts...


The drawstring of the strap can be a little challenging to tighten by yourself, but you could always ask someone to help with is, as I imagine this is an issue faced with other floating wrists straps too.

The minimum circumference of the inside of the strap can be an issue with people with thin wrists, in terms of achieving a close/ secure fit (this could be solved somewhat by wearing wetsuit gloves to minimise the gap) – however if you have slim wrists, there is peace of mind in the knowledge that it does float your precious camera, should it slide off at all!


Overall the design is one that has great appeals, for its ability to add floatation to your waterproof camera, its great construction and its very high visibility (particularly useful if you are photographing in moving water). With this attached, you can go out and photograph in the water and have the confidence that your camera will not be lost.


Available from Love Cases for £24.99










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