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02/08/2017 - 22:53


It's been great to have had the opportunity to do trials and review of the Joby Griptight POV kit that I have had the chance to test. A great design that aids stability for smartphone photography and videography.




This was photographed using an iPhone 6 with the Joby Griptight POV kit, securely balanced on the felled tree - using it's ingenious Bluetooth Impulse remote trigger (hidden here in my right hand) - which works up to 90 feet from phone!

Image result for joby griptight pov iphone 6


The stability it gives to videography, is very impressive for such a compact device. Whilst at Mamhead Woods, where the above photo was made, I decided to see well it performed with the idea of a slowly panned video.





Peering into the vast vista from the Mamhead forest trail to the Exe estuary and the South #Devon coast. Videoed on an iPhone6 using the brilliant GriptightPOV stabilization grip.

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I was bowled over by the smoothness of the filming, the level of which I would expect to find using a decent pan/tilt head on a sturdy tripod. 


The Griptight POV has Universal smartphone compatibility: fitting any model, with or without a case (56mm-91mm).


It's Locking lever clamps phone very securely within the TPE grip-pads, which contour subtly to the shape of your phone.


It's ergonomic handgrip pivots 180 degrees offering an array of capture angles, opening up possibilities from myriad points of view.


It's intergral Cold shoe adapter allows you to attach accessories such as an  external microphone or LED light (for night / dusk / indoor videography) to top or bottom of grip - allowing you to take things to an even more polished level of filming.



Whether you are an aspiring videographer filming your mates skating, BMXing, rock climbing...a vlogger making a dynamic short film... or videoing your family exploring rock pools on the beach - the Joby GripTight POV is a brilliantly made, impressive and useful bit of kit.







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