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24/02/2012 - 21:31

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From: Joe Cornish
Sent: 01 August 201122:27
To: Phil Hemsley
Subject: Bang Wallop workshop


Hello Phil,


Many thanks for the wonderful feedback you gave to Bang Wallop and to the JC gallery website regarding the workshop on sunday.


It is always reassuring to get such feedback, and helps me enjoy my memories of the day even more. It was an enjoyable day with a very nice group, and although the weather was hardly spectacular it did make for pleasant and comfortable outings. I also thought we managed to cover quite a bit of territory in our discussions, and they were wide ranging.


I can honestly say that for me the highlight was seeing the work of all the participants who brought prints or digital files, and being able to give you all feedback on that work. You in particular showed us some truly outstanding images that demonstrated high levels of technical skill (important) and great empathy and feeling for the subject through your use of light and composition (even more important!). Bravo.


As for the Portal, well I was quite blown away by it. You have used the opportunity brilliantly, and while the saturated colour rendering is approaching the edge of believability it is undoubtedly a stunning image with a magical atmosphere.


Keep up the great work and I am sure I will be seeing more of what you do in future.


Best wishes,








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