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24/01/2014 - 00:21






Miggo is a new name in the world of innovative camera accessories.




Miggo was the brainchild of four guys, Ohad, Ran, Yuval & Guy, who had spent years working for one of the world’s leading camera bag manufacturers - developing countless bestselling camera bags. They realized that many photo enthusiasts would love to find a simpler solution for carrying a camera than a cumbersome camera bag, in addition to their personal bag.




The team members are: Ohad Cohen – Designer; Ran Cohen – Engineering; Guy Sprukt - Graphic &  Product Design; Yuval Kemp - in charge of the project and user experience




They have recently got in contact and sent me some pre-production models of their forthcoming designs of multi-purpose camera carriers  -  for medium-sized SLR cameras (such as APS-C format sensors) and also for CSC (Compact System Cameras) to test and review.




The first for me to try out was their cunningly designed ‘Grip and Wrap (SLR)’ – an ingenious piece of kit for the photographer who wants to travel light.




Grip and Wrap - folded up




For many people, the idea of carrying around a standard sized camera bag or camera back pack on their daily travels is off putting, sometimes they miss out on opportunistic photographs having decided to leave the gear at home.




The Grip and Wrap, a multi-purpose camera carrier, was designed to add some protection to your precious SLR camera.




It opens up to  convert to a padded, energy-absorbing  & adjustable wrist strap - made of neoprene rubber and soft lycra, which securely screws into the base of your camera, this steel screw also allows you to attach it to a mini tripod too. The miggo comes with a built-in outer pocket for your lens cap, another clever addition to the design.



Miggo's currently have a range of 7 different colours/ designs to chose from.





Grip and Wrap - front view






Side profile of Grip and Wrap




The Grip and Wrap is tactile, comfortable and reassuring built. It easily accommodates a medium sized Digital-SLR, such as my trusty Pentax K-x and an 18-55mm lens,





Phil using the Grip and Wrap (DSLR) in the Aune Valley, on Dartmoor



It is easy to slip into a messenger bag, briefcase, daysack, handbag, etc and ready at a moment’s notice!


Barn Hill towards Cox Tor and Middle Staple Tor, Dartmoor. The Miggo Grip & Wrap came in really handy here, speedy access to my camera to make a hand-held exposure in transient light



It seems well suited to urban landscapes, architecture, street portraits, photos of your family/ friends whilst out on a walk, a day at the beach, sports events and many more.




There will be times for sure when some of you may want to take extra lenses/ filters, etc out for lengthier photographic explorations, but that is a different story. If the chance to have your camera safely with you at all times, whilst taking up minimal space in your personal bag, is appealing - then this is an outstanding solution.





The Miggo Grip and Wrap is simple, effective and elegant - they have achieved what they set out to do.




They have begun a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund their project today, which runs for 30 days until 2nd March 2014.




Options to back their crowdfunding campaign run from $30, which will get you one or more of their excellent products and the satisfaction of supporting a great emerging business. Crowdfunding is a way of supporting their dream to create something you want to see exist in the world.




* further reviews on the CSC Camera Grip & Wrap and Strap and Wrap (below) to be added soon....















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