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05/11/2012 - 16:17

'Moor to Sea'


Landscape Photography Exhibition


Phil Hemsley

Birdwood House, 44, High Street, Totnes

Open from Monday 3rd – Saturday 8th December 2012

0797 353 8857


Every leaf speaks bliss to me...



An exhibition of engaging images made over a three year period of photographic journeys across the southwest of England. From the rugged Cornish, Devon & Dorset coastlines, through the rolling hills of the South Hams of Devon and the river valleys & high moorland plateau of Dartmoor National Park.





Phil Hemsley has won several awards for his creative images, most recently winning the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s ‘Winning Landscapes’ photo competition in 2012.


With a noted reverence for the coast and countryside, Phil’s images are rich in detail & contrasting natural textures - imbued with emotional and at times visceral depth. They seek to invite the viewer to ‘step into the scene’ - to smell the ocean breeze, to hear the sounds of the gurgling whitewater racing over the boulders in the moorland, to want to reach out and touch the gnarled bark of the trees…. to share the relishing in the stormlight that bathes the land in an enchanted ambience for a few evanescent moments.





The photons of light that made each carefully crafted image come to be are gone, but through this stunning collection of creative photographs, the doors to the recent past remain open.




in all its moods...


0797 353 8857




I would like to thank the following people (in no order of hierarchy!) for helping make this exhibition possible:



  • Mark Sharman  from Sharpham Wines for his generous sponsorship of this preview


  • Emily (for the gallery listing and promoting my event); Anna Rawles (for her brilliant help with PR & marketing advice)


  • Clare Burke (for her great help in shortlisting for the exhibition,  and her constant encouragement)


  • Symon Rawles and John Ashworth for lending me a picture each from their collections of my work and the great critique of my work


  • Fred Jenkins for his immense wealth of first - hand knowledge of Dartmoor and enthusiasm


  • Martin Foster (Reconnect Magazine) – for interviews, features, front cover opportunities, tons of promotion and helping run the exhibition on Tuesday.


  • Sarah Whorne for booking my 40th birthday present workshop with the legendary landscape photographer Joe Cornish and putting up with my passion for photography and the frequent comments about light and landscapes!


  • Margaret & John Hemsley for their encouragement and funds towards equipment, books and courses


  • Dave Hemsley for his critique, encouragement and help with kit


  • Rachel Haspray (Home Frame Gallery, Plymouth) for making excellent frames and allowing me to exhibit work


  • Joe Cornish for his encouraging appraisal of my work, being a brilliant teacher and inspiring photographer and author


  • Lorna Yabsley (Bangwallop Gallery) for her very generous time and critique when reviewing my portfolio. Also for using my Aeon Flux image on their Joe Cornish workshop feature


  • To Charlie Waite for shortlisting my Boof photo for the Spirit of the Southwest photo competition and for his inspiring lectures.




  • Net Warrender for being an inspiring extreme sports photographer, coach and adventure sports buddy.


  • Mark Dugmore for helping run the exhibition on Tuesday.


  • Emma & Steve Trudgeon along with Mary and Trevor Whorne for helping fund my Joe Cornish workshop, bits of kit and all their encouragement


  • The surfers, kayakers, mountain bikers and climbers I have had the honour of photographing whilst they go about their sports.


  • To Jan Povey who had the idea that I should think about doing an exhibition at Birdwood House


  • To Lee Pengelly for the ‘one to one’ workshop prize – I am really looking forward to that


  • To all who have said nice things about my images, promoted my photography, helped out in many ways and to those that have bought my work and visited my exhibition.


It was an awesome week doing the exhibition –


  • over a thousand visitors - many by recommendation from friends and family – which is very touching;


  • lots of photo sales;


  • people very interested in my weekend photography workshops;


  • invites to do two lectures at camera clubs; potential commissioned photographs;


  • South Devon ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ team are keen to promote my work in a big way;


  • a forthcoming mention and my 'Emsworthy Barn' photo in Devon Life magazine's next issue


  • and most importantly ‘getting my name out there’ in a big way – hopefully lots of people will tell all their  friends about my work!




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