20/06/2014 - 00:55

A planned trip to pass on some  long-exposure coastal photography techniques to a friend, offered an unexpected, brief but beguiling moment. One where I felt beckoned to change the plans for a short while. The sound of birdsong, the contented horses & the egret amongst the reeds & grasses of the water meadow, the interplay of transient light. Too much to resist, the coast, but 20 strides from here, could wait a little while longer.




Late evening angular side-light grazes the hills and water meadows beside the National Trust's South Milton Sands, in Devon. This meadow lies with the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty



Two grazing horses and an egret can be seen just right of centre (in the close-up section of the panorama, below)



"she knew that strange white bird, and had once stolen softly near where it stood in some bright green swamp grass, away over at the other side of the woods. There was an open place where the sunshine always seemed strangely yellow and hot, where tall, nodding rushes grew..."

from 'A White Heron' by Sarah Orne Jewett




Three overlapping photographs were created and then combined into a large panorama. Just enough time to make the three frames before the transient light disappeared from view, amidst the clouds out at sea behind me.





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