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19/03/2020 - 14:31

Here is my video review of a SAAL Digital 'Professional Line Photography Book' - that I created as a portfolio of Landscape and Nature Photographs from around Great Britain.



I chose a textured black Leatherette binding - with a photographic print in the Acrylic panel on the front. The acrylic panel really daylight well and seems to glow from within, as if 'back lit' - this is as a really great quality, visually striking option. Inside I chose to have fine art paper, this has a density I think in the region of about 300gsm.This slightly textured fine art paper is luxurious in the print details and tactility.



This book was designed using SAAL's pretty inuitive software. One can choose a 'theme' in terms of the design options - which offers auto-layout suggestions and lots of choices in each case. Custom page design can be done too if you have the confidence and desire to do your own designing entirely. Full page bleeds;  brilliant two page spreads for panoramics with an almost invisible crease; occaasional reflective writings & poignant quotes; and triptychs bordered by black margins to accentuate each image in turn...some many design elements that can still work coherently within one book.



This very high-end quality of bespoke photography book is not a cheap item to produce. However, if you are wanting to create a classy, brilliantly handmade book using the finest quality of materials - to record for posterity a collection of meaningful photographs (a wedding, an anniversary, a special birthday celebration - or your travels to fascinating places maybe?), then I can highly recommend this product. It has been a delight to look at.







Find out more about the options to create your own book here:





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