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29/08/2017 - 20:48


Review of the Joby Griptight ONE GPStand® - for smartphone photography



The pioneers of flexible tripods have come up with a superb innovation for smartphone photography and videography.


Utilizing the engineering robustness and flexibility of a Gorillpod, minaturizing that and adding a sturdy spring loaded TPE phone grip - bazzinga!, we have a versatile bit of kit.



The TPE mount grip is capable of holding phones, with or without a case, with a width of between 56mm to 91mm. This range is pretty much universal, fitting a plethora of smartphones made over the past few years.


The legs of the Gorillapod can be wrapped securely around tree branches, lamp posts, railings, myriad things including a sliding door pelmet in my kitchen!



The stainless steel reinforced ball-head mechanism has a very reassuring sturdyness for precise compositions, yet it is quite easy to fine tune those angles to get things spot on. 





The ball-head with its right-angle fold, adds further clever design benefits - making it perfect for portrait shots and allowing the whole system to fold up for very compact storage when you are on the move.



The feet of the Goriallpiod legs grip securely to smooth and rough surfaces, helping you make sharp photos and stable time-lapses or videos.


Below, are a couple of time-lapse sequences that I have made with the Joby Griptight ONE GP Stand.


I have found the system to be very pleasant to use... surprisingly so in the very bracing gusts of wind up on Dartmoor, at Bonehill Rocks, for the bouldering sequence. 











You can even bunch all three legs of the Gorillpod together and it makes a sturdy grip for selfies photos or vlogging 'on the fly' - should you wish!



I will happily be lending these out to my photography workshop participants - letting them explore the benefits of this and the Joby Griptight POV kit (that I reviewed recently).

Highly Recommened :) 





01/03/2019 - 17:49
How do you get the ball to move? I cannot get it to bend down to 90 degrees.
phil hemsley
02/03/2019 - 10:31
So long as I make the 90 degree turn in the 'U-shape' section of the tripod collar, I have always had success with my Gorillapod. Hope you manage to get yours working correctly :)

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