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25/09/2013 - 16:59


There is an elegant energy to be found in S-curves in all forms of art - from painting & sculpture, through to landscape photography.


 The S – curve can be a useful element in a photograph of the landscape as a subtly dynamic invitation. It could be a winding road; a row of trees; a sinuous stretch of river, stream or estuary; a snaking breakwater sea defence at the coast – there are many more examples to be found.




It is a compositional factor that encourages an unhurried and graceful journey into a scene and one that helps imply a sense of depth in the viewer’s mind – for a photograph or painting is really only a two-dimensional representation of the world. It is often effective to have the start of the S-curve at a low level in the photograph and in doing so it becomes engaging. S-curves work either as a classic S shape or as a ‘back to front’-S shape. 



Z-shapes can work too, though they are less graceful and more accelerating in terms of the dynamics of a lead-in to a photograph.



Next time you are out with your camera, have a deep look at the natural or built landscapes around you for S-curves, you may be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities.






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