Shaldon & The Salty

07/11/2013 - 11:13



This photo, of Shaldon and The Salty (the tidal gravel beds of the Teign estuary) in the transient early morning light, was made back in the late summer and I only just got round to processing this one last night.





I feel it’s more one for my stock photography site than my prints gallery, as I had at the time I made the image, failed to notice the scaffolding on one of the buildings high up in Shaldon (near the tree line). It is a rather subtle mar to the ambience of the scene and a lesson learnt (of the need for more thorough observation in moments of excitement) – ah, the wonders of hindsight. Of course, if any one would like a print of this, then please let me know!





Still, there is something I really like about the soft light in this, its optimistic air of a new day as the world wakes up & stretches ... and the catch-lights on some of the boats and buildings.




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