Silent Revelation

20/09/2012 - 13:39


The fleeting moments of magical transient light on Dartmoor are always a joy to be able to photograph…


Once more, like with my ‘Osmosis’ photo, I had a ‘feeling in my bones’ that something interesting may come to pass in terms of photographic opportunity. Driving over the Ashburton to Princetown road in the ‘golden hour’ of an early autumnal morning, I could see a promising looking approaching weather-front to the west - catching some of the warm light and guessed that under the edge of the cloud that the low angled golden sun might gild some of the hill tops and tors.


Beyond Princetown on the lower slopes of Sharpitor, I found that my visualisation had become a reality. Looking North/ North West towards the Merrivale area I smiled a wide grin as I witnessed the sun catching the hill tops beyond and a few fields to the west of the moorland edge around Horrabridge, along with adding a glow to some of the rocky outcrops such as Vixen Tor.


Beguiling as it was to sit and watch these few minutes unfold I managed to photograph a sequence of 5 images to create a panorama. Upon walking back to my car the light faded.




Here is a bit of  'zoomed in' detail of the mid section - the panorama can be printed up to 3 ft wide with excellent defintion and detail





Sometimes a hunch works…


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