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04/03/2016 - 09:48


Forgetting to take your best camera on a journey doesn't necessarily mean giving up on the idea of making a few photographs.



Heading off to Axminster for the day, I had woken early and being not a natural 'morning person' I had forgotten that my trusty Pentax SLR camera was no longer in my rucksack (it had been the day before). I had hoped to get the time to make a fleeting visit to nearby Lyme Regis, with its compelling views of the Jurrasic Coast, later in the day to see if I could make some photographs.


It was not until I reached Axminster that I realised my Pentax was hanging on a hook in the hall at home. "Oh deary me!" I said to myself (or something to that effect!). But I didn't like to admit defeat based on the lack of an SLR. My Lumia smartphone, which was with me on the journey, thankfully has manual control functions and is capable of rendering good detail and tones (I wish the sensor size was considerably larger, but beggars can't be chosers).



Though technically three days into early springtime, the skies and weather had still a decidely wintery ambience to it. Periodic evanescent glimmers of hazy light gave gentle softbox illumination to parts of The Cobb (the breakwater / harbour wall) - as incoming waves from the English Channel danced upon the blockwork of the seaward side.



'The Cobb'



There were rusting chains and shackles, the hues of their interlaced links offered fascinating abstractions. The smartphone's short sensor to lens distance providing very pleasing near-far focusing (something that may have had to have been achieved from using 'focus-stacking' methods or the use of a tilt-shift lens, had I been using an SLR camera).




'Shackled up'




'A rusted development'



It was a nice challenge to make the best use of the limitations I had, but rewarding in coming away with a few photographs that I liked, rather than having given up on the idea just because I didn't have my SLR.





I shall of course try to remember to check my kit bags thoroughly the night before, next time!





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