The Journey

25/04/2012 - 15:44

I feel the workshop I did last summer with legendary landscape photographer Joe Cornish (my 40th birthday present from all my family) helped refine my visualisations and realisations of ideas, made my visual antennae more acute, expanded my ideas and as a result allowed me to look more deeply at what I see in the surrounding I choose to explore. I feel there is more of a sense of mindfulness to my work, a stronger narrative in the photos that aim to invite the viewer to gaze longer…. If this translates into the viewer being inspired to explore these wonderful places after looking at my photos then that would be delightful.



I am in Zen-like state when I get the chance to realise an image that I see as meaningful and hope that some of them may have longevity of interest. The challenge then is to remain open to the changing conditions yet be mindful to decide which the ‘defining moment’ is!



Some ideas I have of images have been tried and have failed to meet my expectations and hopes so far – so they are on-going projects.. they may require different times, different weather conditions, different light, different seasons, etc. To reflect on what hasn’t worked and why it is valuable - it is a rewarding learning curve and makes me think deeper.


I strive to seek the perfect image only as an ideal and am happy to live with the knowledge that some have turned out in a pleasing way, despite some subtle things I might have wished to be different in an ideal world. If one could obtain an image that was perfect, it might be enough to rest on the idea that the photographic journey is complete (what a shame that would be?!).

Something deep in my heart & soul drives me to go out and explore the world around me and develop my style & vision, to share my reverence for natural and adventure in particular … three years in and I realise the journey has just begun.



Phil Hemsley









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