The Waiting Room

30/10/2013 - 23:34



‘The Waiting Room’



It was a fine end to an evening of bouldering (free-climbing) with my young children for us to suddenly see the late evening sunlight gild the rocky bluffs between Muxham Point, Redcove Point and Fernycombe Point on the eastern shore of the mouth of the Erme estuary.


We had been climbing at Owen’s Point on Meadowsfoot Beach, a.k.a. Mothecombe, on the Flete Estate in the South Devon ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. We had already enjoyed many climbs and chased the ebbing shorebreak wash as far as we dare before the next wave raced towards us, but this transient light stopped us in our tracks, we stood amazed.


'The Waiting Room'


This fleeting gold was hypnotizing, along with the sounds of the breaking waves and the salty tang to the air. It was a celebration that evening of the edge of things – climbing the edges of the cliffs; the edge between land & sea; the edge of day & night – these transitions that add dynamic contrasts of colours, textures, form, of our very comfort zones.





"One must wait until evening to truly see how magnificent the day must have been"






These edges were exciting, challenging and mesmerizing and each of us was rewarded by the experience. Socrates was right once more.







* The title for the first photo 'The Waiting Room' was probably as a result of frequent listening to the beautiful music of my friend Little Lapin, an incredibly talented singer/ songwriter from the UK who has made her home in New Zealand and is deservedly receiving great acclaim for her work.




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