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24/03/2017 - 17:47




Urban wildlife photography opportunities in the leafy bankside area of the tidal River Dart, as it runs through Totnes, have been an enjoyable addition to my local walks. A keen eye, tuning into sounds, a camera with a long lens (at widest aperture) and patience are all that are needed.


A Carrion Crow catching the morning light on a bankside tree at The Plains area of the River Dart




The gracefully gliding Mute Swans are often seen between Vire Island, The Longmarsh, and up to Totnes Wier - especially when the water is calm.It seems that they not at all bothered by the proximity of humans.



Mute Swan, just off Vire Island







One of the many Grey Squirrels that enjoy the Oaks, Beeches and London Plains of Vire Island






A pigeon in a gap in the brickwork of Totnes Town Bridge





A Mediterranean gull, in winter plumage, gliding over the river towrds the Baltic Wharf. (this gull's head feathers will go black during the breeding season). A fast shutter speed is needed to freeze the motion of birds in flight





Mandarin Ducks with their resplendent technicolour hues are sometimes seen in the Mill Leat.





One cannnot miss the ever noisy Herring Gulls, frequently fighting for territory and food along the main channel of the River Dart, however they too seem sometimes photogenic.


A Herring Gull (in it's second winter plummage) flying past the Baltic Wharf





A Herring Gull (in it's second winter plumage) in the main channel of The Dart



The abstract framing of the old riverside building and it's reflections was a particularly appealing opportunity for a photograph, I thought!



There's plenty of wildlife to see in urban riversides, ponds, green spaces and hedgerows - when you have the time to slow down and explore.





"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
Ferris Bueller




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