Temporal Sea

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Gazing out northwards from Blakemore Ridge, on the outskirts of Totnes, over a sea of mists filling the River Dart valley and beyond. The mystery and partial revelations in such temporal transformations to familiar landscapes never cease to hold a sense of wonder.

Sometimes the breaking from convention and comfortable confluence of myriad key themes of visual flow, seem to work...

Foreground interest here is seemingly absent, yet I thought the absence of notable form & textures seemed intriguing. Trillions of water molecules in subtle indistinguishable motions, scattering the reflected hues of the entire spectrum all at once... drifting slowly over and around the hills and vales... some evaporating in the sunshine. Nothing or something in the foreground?....

"I watched the land for as long as I could, until it disappeared behind its shawl of mist, and until I had it fixed in my mind - unchanged, mysterious and beautiful"

Aimee Friedman
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