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Retreating Thunderstorm - Teign Estuary

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A majestic Cumulonimbus capillatus retreating, beyond 'The Salty' gravel beds of the Teign Estuary at Shaldon.

This was photographed during the plethora of thunderstorms we had on Tuesday 18th July 2017.

If I had got there a 5 minutes earlier I might have photographed a rainbow through a massive downpour, that I saw from the estuary road to Teignmouth.

I witnessed a couple of lightning strikes from this stormcell, from the estuary - but with no intervalometer capability on my SLR, I didn't manage to photograph one here. Thought my smartphone which was doing a time-lapse simultaneously nearby might have better 'luck' with the lightning but the 5 second gaps missed both!

Hey-ho, it was a pleasure to see the afterglow light on the fascinating convective cloud.
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