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Storm clearing at The Plains

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"Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation."

James Turrell

Transient light from a retreating storm bathes the wetlands of The Plains, beside the tidal River Dart, in Totnes - during the ‘golden hour’ of a summer evening.

Behind the meadows are the Church of St John the Evangelist and the tall old townhouses of Bridgetown.. Dating from 1832, the church was built by the eleventh Duke of Somerset for the tenants of his estate and was a chapel of ease to Berry Pomeroy.

The tidal water meadow / marshland on which the cattle graze is a remnant of The Plains – much of which was drained to build houses.

Limited edition of 10 prints

* Issue #1 has been signed & mounted and is in a bespoke solid oak frame at £175 (Image size 35 x 11.4" in a 39 x 15.4" frame)

Pentax K-x
Pentax 18-55mm SMC/ DAL lens
Hoya circular polarizer


Manual mode: f/8 and 1/60 second
Focal length = 18mm

4images in left to right planar motion sections(landscape format) to create a panoramic image.

Each section was converted to a pseudo-HDR image using split-RAW processing to create -2, 0, +2 ev equivalents and processed in Photomatix Pro 3.26.

The 4 sections were stitched using Microsoft Research’s Image Composite Editor.

Finishing touches in Lightroom 3.6 and Photoshop 6.0
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